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Other Gift Ideas - Toys

Soft Toys

At Windsor Florists we have a range of soft toys which can brighten up anyone's day.


Standard $22.50
Premium $45.00
Delux $62.00

Contact Windsor Florist for further pricing on teddy bears and other soft toys as prices and range availability varies.

Other Gift Ideas - Baby Towel Cakes

Baby Towel Cakes

For the bundle of joy nothing says welcome more than a baby towel cake!

Baby cakes can include nappies, towels, bibs, beanies, soft fleece blankets, teddy bears, mittens, rattles, teething rings and face clothes.

Please Note: The variety of products in your Baby Towel Cake may vary depending on the amount you would like to spend.

Contact Windsor Florist about a Baby Towel Cake.

Other Gift Ideas

Other Gift Ideas

At Windsor Florist we have many other gift ideas such as scented candles, scented soap bars, candle melts, diffusers, potpourri, chocolate and much more.

If you'd like one of these items added to your order please call (03) 217 8050.

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